Martial Arts For The Next Century

For more than 4000 years, martial arts have evolved through the endless cycle of Teacher- Student-Teacher-Student. Each generation learns and grows, and then adds its contribution to the knowledge that has come before. The Kenpo Instituteā„¢ brings a new way of weapons training and conditioning to the art. The most elegant techniques in martial arts combine purpose and movement, efficiently and beautifully, accomplishing the desired result. These new products marry form and function in unique ways. True evolution of the art. NON-PROFIT PROJECT

The Kenpo Institute supports organizations that contribute to the ability of at-risk young adults to choose a life of creation and joy, instead of slow suicide. Our belief is that the true spirit of martial arts is that of self-acceptance. By loving one self, we release and express our true gifts, which can positively affect everyone we meet. While martial arts training initially focuses on the physical elements of that expression–preventing violence to ourselves and loved ones–a deeper training level works on the character of a person.

We at the Kenpo Institute believe that we have a part to play in supporting this process in our business and in our community involvement.


Following the example of Ed Parker’s innovations, these training tools combine multiple purposes with simplicity of elegant design. Composed of strong aluminum alloy and quality materials, strength and durability are found in efficient form. Patents pending.